Bright hard points of light – in a black / black field – names in blue-white appearing, disappearing – faces - one speaking (an old face) – beside a river, behind the dyke, in a house, on some stairs - lies death – sex in a spotlight, a wagging tail, knife-blade erection – hate inscribed in flesh – a field of grass and wild flowers – innocence sold to a dead father – shadows are deep behind the faces of the sleeping children – black train coming, spewing smoke, making the rails squeal – a shadow play, fear manifesting – hanging from hooks – the battle of love and hate – light (of day) burning off a face – his shadow proceeds him – announces his coming – a single light bulb hangs above the centre of the bed – words between flames, declaiming – another death, hidden in the night, in the mist – “she’ll not be back” – a hard held eye, knowing – lies standing on lies – asleep / a-dead, hair flowing in the current – weed tendrils feeling her face – for signs of life – the killer sings, calls the children – the deep place – bushes tugging at his murder clothes – spiders and flies watching their passing – flower pods release their seeds – the shadows on a wall form into a name – owls, tortoises, rabbits mark the passing of time – houses stand darkly above their reflections against a backlit sky and shadow fence – a strong tree with branches to support many birds – religion corrupting society’s consciousness – a hand looking for a hand – singing seven songs to draw out the weak, the fearful – a hard world for little things – they abide and they endure.