Waiting. Waiting. Waiting becomes waiting, becomes time. Waiting becomes time, becomes dying. Waiting is time dying, is time being stretched beyond living. Waiting unending. Suspended. Waiting as punishment. Waiting waiting. Waiting beneath the dirty windows. Painted with light-filtering scum. Waiting beside the Angel of the North. Waiting sleeping. Waiting waiting. Waiting for the machine. To be taken up. (Wrists and ankles bound). Waiting in space, above the land. Waiting in space above the clouds. Waiting with Beatrice. Waiting in the full light of the sun. Above snow capped mountain ranges and rivers drawn in fine lines. Above an invisible human world. Waiting in expectation. For the warm air and the new light. Waiting with Dürer, Goethe, Joyce, Blake. Waiting for a door to open. And that first breath. Waiting for the New Jerusalem. Waiting for (Meraviglia). Waiting for (Ebbrezza). Waiting for (Estasi).